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The lecturers of the department received certificates of recognition of the online courses

Based on the decision of the Scientific and Methodological Council of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (protocol № 8 від 16.05.2023) the online courses «Working with Geodatabases in Human Geography-I, II» (authorprof. S.V. Kostrikov), "Scientific workshop on issues of tourism and recreation research" (authors – Prof. L.M. Niemets, Assoc. Prof. I.Yu. Telebienieva), "Practical workshop on problems of regional development" (authors – Prof. L.M. Niemets, Prof. K.Yu. Sehida, Assoc. Prof. N.V. Husieva) was recognized as an information resources of the online learning system and as an educational and methodological works. The recognition of the online course is confirmed by a certificate. We congratulate our colleagues and wish them further success.