NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Achieving Sustainability in Ukraine Through Military Brownfields Redevelopment”

Advanced Research Workshop (ARW)
Achieving Sustainability in Ukraine through Military Brownfields Redevelopment
December 18-21, 2023
University of Oradea
Oradea, Romania
The event is organised jointly with the University of Oradea (Oradea, Romania) and V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Funded by:

Science for Peace and Security Programme

NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division (Link)


The (Military) Brownfields Problem, Public Health, and Environmental Security

Our security depends on the cooperation of allies about the issues that threaten our safety. Sharing strategies for solving common problems is one important way we can strengthen the alliance between NATO allies and partner countries. We, the North American and European NATO countries, know that derelict and contaminated land or brownfields are of concern for the safety of local communities and for planning and redevelopment efforts in NATO and NATO partner countries.

This project addresses multi-scale concerns with the cooperative partnership among seasoned researchers from NATO countries (Romania, U.S.A., Poland, Canada, Hungary, Turkey, the Czech Republic & Montenegro) and NATO partner countries (Ukraine, Serbia & Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The Special Focus on Ukraine, as a NATO Partner Country

The ARW will establish substantial cooperation among researchers from NATO nations and partner countries, while paying special attention to Ukraine’s military brownfields and challenges.

Thousands of military brownfield sites in Ukraine and brownfields and greyfields in the cities, exponentially aggravated by the war destruction, present a myriad of opportunities to create healthy cities, green manufacturing hubs, alternative energy generators, farms, or other sustainable land reuse practices. This international collaboration proposed will be a unique effort to develop a framework for sustainable military brownfields redevelopment using sites in Ukraine as a complex model.


For any information or request of details please contact directly :
NATO Country Co-Director
Dr. Morar Cezar, Associate Professor
Department of Geography, Tourism and Territorial Planning
University of Oradea
Phone number: +40747221409


Information for online participants:
Partner Country Co-Director
Dr. Niemets Liudmyla, Professor
Director of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Address: 4 Svoboda sq., Kharkiv 61022, Ukraine
Phone number: +380577075486

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