Human-Geographical Features of Regional Sustainable Development (Case Study of Kharkiv Region)

«Human-geographical features of regional sustainable development (case study of Kharkiv region)» SR № 0115U000504, duration: 2015-2017 гг., supervisor – prof. Liudmyla Niemets.

Research project without funding

The purpose of the project is human-geographical justification of socio-economic development of the region and identification ways of optimal development of the regional socio-geographical system. During research project it’s supposed to justify and determine complex indicators of regional socio-economic development; to work out the development model of the socio-geographical process of the regional socio-geographical system; to conduct human potential estimation of the region’s administrative units; to identify spatial and temporal development features of the leading industry, agricultural and social sphere branches; to determine economic, infrastructural and innovation potential of the region on the whole and its administrative units; to identify trends of regional sustainable development; to work out recommendations on enhancing competitiveness of region’s administrative units. Practical value has recommendations to local government authorities and on optimization and territorial balance of the regional socio-economic development.