Our excelent students

List of excelent students of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Study by the results of the first semester of 2017/2018 academic year

Vengryn Daria, group GC-42
Kuznetsova Anastasia, group GC-42
Mashenko Ganna, group GC-42
Pavlenko Lina, group GC-42

Popovich Olga, group GC-42
Patalashka Alexandra, group GC-52

Perepelitsia Victoria, пroup HC-52
Litvinenko Anastasia, group GC-52

Frolova Alina, group GC-52
Chekhov Serhii, group GR-42

Shulga Marina, group GR-52

Chmel Hanna-Maria, GR-52

Puzhaichereda Oksana, group GC-62

Tkachenko Nadia, group GC-62

Slipchenko Anastasia, group GR-61

Pilipenko Anna, group GR-61