Our excelent students

List of excelent students of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Study by the results of the first semester of 2019/2020 academic year

Daria Maksimova, group GR-11

Yevhenii Zaitsev, group GCR-21

Vladyslav Kozak, group GCR-21
Valeriia Mirenkova, group GCR-21
Olexandra Paliy, group GR-31
Daria Ushkvarok, group GR-31
Ihor Popov, group GC-42
Vitalii Brynko, group GS-51

They received Master's degree with honour 

Oleksandr Bodnariuk, group GCR-62

Daria Venhryn, group GCR-52

Anastasiia Kuznetsova, group GCR-62

Hanna Mashchenko, group GCR-52

Lina Pavlenko, group GCR-52

Olha Popovych, group GCR-52

Daria Starostenko, group GCR-52

Denys Serohin, group GCG-52