About the Department

The Department of Economic Geography, Faculty of Geology and Geography, the University of Kharkiv was founded in 1934. In 2002 it was named as the Department of "Human Geography and Regional Studies". The department is headed by a Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor of Ludmila Niemets.

4 doctors of sciences, professors, and 11 associate professors provide students with vocational training using modern techniques and the latest teaching technologies. There is an educational laboratory at the Faculty of Geology, Geography, Recreation, and Tourism, which provides the educational process of lecturers of the department, where students have the opportunity to use computers and the Internet. The library fund of the department has more than 750 copies, which are used by students in preparing for the classes. Today 109 students and 9 PhD students study at the department.

Use of multimedia technologies
Online conference
Interactive lecture
Conducting lectures in an online mode


During the last years, the Department take the first rank among the departments of the faculty.

The department carries out the recruitment of students by levels of higher education:

  • Bachelor of Geography (specialty 106 "Geography", educational and professional program "Economic, Social Geography and Regional Development");
  • Bachelor of Geography (specialty 106 "Geography", educational and professional program "Geography of Recreation and Tourism");
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (Geography), Geography Teacher (specialty 014.07 Secondary Education (Geography), educational-professional program "Geography. Natural Science. Economics. Tourism Work");
  • Master of Geography (specialty 106 "Geography", the educational and professional program "Human Geography");
  • Master of Geography (specialty 106 "Geography", educational-professional program "Geography of Recreation and Tourism");
  • Master of Secondary Education (Geography), Geography Teacher (specialty 014.07 Secondary Education (Geography), educational-professional program "Geography, Economy, Regional Studies and Tourism Work").

The staff of the department provides teaching the following main subjects:

    • Regional Geography;
    • Population Geography with the Basics of Demography;
    • Foreign Economic Relations of Ukraine;
    • Information Geography and GIS;
    • Computer Technologies in Human Geography;
    • Basics of Geographic Modeling;
    • Basics of Regional Studies and Tourism Activities;
    • Basics of Human Geography;
    • Political Geography with Basics of Geopolitics;
    • Regional Human Geography;
    • Regional Problems of Sustainable Development;
    • System Analysis in Human Geography;
    • Theory and Methodology of Geography;
    • Tourist-Recreational Resources of the World;
    • Human Geography of Ukraine.

The curriculum provides student practices.

Learning natural science practice (1 year) – the first stage – students attend industrial enterprises and institutions of social infrastructure in Kharkiv; the second phase of the practice takes place in the educational geographical base, "Gaidary" in Zmiev district, Kharkiv region.

Kharkiv Aviation Plant

Dykanivskyi sewage treatment plants

Brewery "Rogan"

Pirana Ltd 

Learning professionally-oriented practice (2nd year) – students visit Transcarpathia (Hust, Volovets, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Berehovo, Rachov), Carpathian (Colomya, Kosiv), Kamenetz-Podilsky,Khotin, Chernivtsy, Lviv. Students of the department have the opportunity to practice abroad (Turkey).


Geographical center of Europe


Practice in Turkey

Industrial Practice (3rd year) – students participate in Comprehensive training and research expeditions in districts of Kharkiv region.

Pechenizky counyty

Chuguevsky county

Bogoduhivsky county

Zolochivsky district

Pedagogical Practice (4th year) - students undergo pedagogical practice in secondary schools of the I-III degrees of different regions of Ukraine.

Industrial Practice (1st year of Master studies) – students have practice in Kyiv, as well as in research institutions, local government bodies; assistant practice in higher educational institutions of different levels of accreditation.

National Library named after V.I. Vernadsky

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

SE "Dipromisto"

Also training PhD and doctoral students is provided on the specialty 106 Geography, educational and professional programs "Geography". The department attracts training PhD students, and doctoral students from different regions of Ukraine, in particular, Poltava, Sumy, Lugansk, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Volyn regions.

Human geographers work as economist-demographers, economist-statistician; guide, an expert on foreign economic issues; economist for placement productive forces; an expert on the world economy; expert on regional policy and economy problems; expert on regional studies; State Inspector; manager of international tourism; manager and marketer for business management; employee of airlines, school college teacher, and university lecturer; consultant for the planning and management of territories; Director of the company, enterprise and organizations in tourist firms and companies; research institutes dealing with environmental, economic and social policy; government bodies of all levels (district, regional, municipal administration, committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine), etc .; banking and commercial structures; GIS corporations and the IT sector, sales, supply and logistics departments; Department of International Relations, enterprises of all economic sectors; employment offices, funds for pension and social insurance, statistical offices; schools, colleges, universities.

Active scientific work, including student work is organized at the department. Annually the department holds a scientific-practical conference with international participation - "Region: optimal development strategy" and "Region: human- geographical aspects", the student discussion club works.

Students, PhD students, and lecturers of the department actively participate in international scientific conferences, seminars, competitions of scientific works, and international programs in France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, Ukraine, and other countries. Under the Erasmus+ Academic Mobility agreements, students and faculty members of the Department have the opportunity to study and to take internships at the University of Oradea (Romania), University of Girona (Spain), Tallinn University (Estonia) Akdeniz University (Turkey), the University of Ostrava (the Czech Republic).

All-Ukrainian Geographical Congress


Lublin (Poland)

Buchenwald (Germany)

Lyon (France)

Brussels (Belgium)

The Department publishes an interregional collection of scientific works "Journal of Human Geography". In 2007 the journal received the status of professional editions of HAC Ukraine. The "Journal of Human Geography" deals with modern problems of society, solved by human geography, and reflects the results of the latest research in this area. Issues of theory and research practical application of human geography in different regions of Ukraine and in the world. "Journal of Human Geography" is included in international scientometric bases like Index Copernicus, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Google Scholar, InfoBase Index, Eurasian Scientific Journal Index, ResearchBib, Scientific Indexing Services, CiteFactor, Research Bible, OAJI, ERIH PLUS, DOAJ. It publishes twice a year.

In 2009 a Specialized Academic Council K 64.051.23 for defending PhD theses in the specialty 11.00.02 – Human Geography was opened in the university. The Council was re-registered in 2019 and its validity extended until 2020. During 2009-2020 27 PhD theses were being defended in the Special Council on the subject of human-geographical research of population service system, education, culture, health, transport system, trade, religious sphere, tourism and recreation, investment activities, socio-economic, demographic development, social security, geo-ecological situation, ecologically balanced farming of various regions of Ukraine.

The department cooperates with the Institute of Geographical Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary), the University of Silesia (Poland), the University of Oslo (Norway), the University of Oradea (Romania), the University of Girona (Spain), Tallinn Univerity (Estonia), University of Alberta (Canada), Akdeniz University (Turkey), Thomas Bata University in Zlín (Czech Republic), Kazetsart University (Thailand), University of Western Attica (Greece), Ivan Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Georgia).

With colleagues from Romania

Online seminar with colleagues from Canada

Dávid Karácsonyi's lecture (Hungary)

After Andrzej Soczówka's lecture (Poland)

The department takes care of the organization of student's leisure. The academic year begins with the holiday of the first-year students. Other holidays: Student's Day, New Year, Graduate Holiday, etc., during which students have the opportunity to reveal their creativity. Students are also enabled to participate in various university events (Miss Mister- university, KVN, intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?", student quests, etc.

Dedication to students

Students' Day

New Year

Beauty of the University

Sports competitions, excursions, and tourist trips (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, etc.) are organized for students.

Admission conditions

Admission to the training is carried out on the results of NIT and EIE of 2019-2021 on:

      • Ukrainian language and literature
      • Geography,
      • History of Ukraine, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry (by choice).

Full-time and part-time forms of studying (the state order and on a contractual basis).

Duration of study for the bachelor’s qualification level – 4 years (full-time), 5 years (part-time), and for the master's qualification level – (1 year 4 months).


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