Students’ academic mobility


During the spring semester of the 2017-2018 academic year  5th year students of the department Julia Shchukina, Olga Niemets, Hlib Ovcharenko, and Serhii Chekhov studied at the the University of Oradea (Romania) under the academic mobility program Erasmus +


During the fall semester of 2017-2018, the 6th year student of the department Oksana Puzhaichereda, studied at the University of Girona (Spain) under the academic mobility program Erasmus +

Student of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies of the specialization "Geography of Recreation and Tourism" Igor Doroshenko trained in Germany on the basis of the Buchenwald Memorial Complex, where he was engaged in conducting study tours for visitors, processing historical documentation, restoration of the museum complex, and also he takes part in workshops on issues of cultural-historical heritage in Germany.

Anastasia Vinogradova, Student of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies, took part in the annual educational project that was held on the basis of the Brahma Grodsk Museum (Lublin, Republic of Poland) and she was engaged in research on the cultural heritage of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, and also she conducted excursions on the area of the mentioned cultural center.



Master students of the Department Anastasia Vinogradova  and Igor Doroshenko  participated in the summer internship in Germany under the program ZAV.


Student of the department, Darya Vengrin, took part in the study program "Study Tours to Poland" (Republic of Poland) and in the summer camp "Work Camp" (Germany).

Students of the Department Alyona Marchenko and Alina Kudinova took part in the program "Work and Travel" (USA).