Practices of the department

Student's  training practices 

The first year students of the department take learning natural and scientific practice. At the first phase of the practice students learn industrial enterprises and social institutions of Kharkov. Thus, students attend OSC "Brewery "Rogan", Dykanivski treatment facilities, Kharkiv Historical Museum, Kharkiv aircraft plant, bakery "Kulinichi", Ukrainian-Bulgarian Limited Liability Company "Piranha" Municipal Enterprise “Kharkiv subway”, etc. The main purpose of the practice is to study history of the formation enterprises, production process, functional and organizational structures of institutions. The second stage is held in the academic geographical base "Gaidary" in Zmiivsky district.

The second year students take learning professionally-oriented practice, the aim of it is to study territorial organization of the economy, comparison of natural and economic conditions for development, recreational potential research, ecological situation of different regions of Ukraine. Within this practice students visit Zakarpattya, Lviv, Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Sumy, Uman and other cities.

The second and third years students are able to take practice in the tourist company «TUI» (Turkey, Antalya). The department cooperates with the organizational and informational center of tourist business in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Students have opportunity to undergo professional link: transfermen – assistant hotel guide – hotel guide. As a result of training students receive a certificate of the company. The main purpose of the practice is learning modern forms and methods of operation tourism companies, formation professional skills in hotel industry, studying characteristics of natural conditions, the population, economy of Turkey.

The third year students within the industrial practice take part in the comprehensive training-research expedition in districts of Kharkiv region. The aim of the expedition is human-geographical study of grassroot administrative level areas: studying natural resources, population and its economic activities. Results of the expedition they are arrange like a report and provide to local governments, educational institutions and other interested institutions. Such expeditions were conducted in Valkivsky, Bogoduhivsky, Dergachivsky, Pechenizky, Chuguivsky, Zolochivsky, Zmiivskiy, Krasnokutsky, Krasnogradsky, Lozivsky, Kupyansky, Dvorichansky districts of Kharkiv region.

The fifth year students take an industrial practice in research institutions of the NAS of Ukraine in Kyiv and other cities. The goal of the practice is comprehensive human-geographical research of the city: studying natural conditions, population, economy, social, historical and cultural heritage. The second stage is practice in of Kharkiv’s organizations and institutions.