Video with teachers’ lectures

Open class of the professor Nemetz L.N. from the course “Scientific seminar – the latest directions of socio-geographical researches” for master students on the topic: “The socio-geographical justification of the development of a nontraditional gas in Kharkiv region”.

Part І

Part ІІ

 Video lecture of the professor Nemetz K.A. from the course “Statistical Methods and Geoinformation Processing” for the forth-year students.

Video lecture of the professor Mezentsev K.V. from the course “Basics of Geographic Modeling” for the fifth-year students.

 Video lecture of the professor Kostrikov S.V. from the course “Informatics with Basics of Geoinformatics” for the third-year students.

Video lecture of the associate professor Virchenko P.A. from the course “Economic and Social Geography of Ukraine” for the third-year students.