Territorial Features of Social Infrastructure in Rural Areas of Donetsk Region and Ways of its Optimization

«Territorial Features of Social Infrastructure in Rural Areas of Donetsk Region and Ways of its Optimization», SR0112U004935, duration – 2012-2013, supervisor – prof. Liudmyla Niemets.

Research project of business contract funding

The aim of this research project is to study features of modern social infrastructure in rural areas of Donetsk region, to identify its territorial differentiation and optimized model construction of modern rural development for the needs of the region. The study provides implementation system-structural analysis of life of the rural population in Donetsk region; identifying features, patterns and challenges of demographic and socio-economic development of rural areas; assessment and territorial differentiation of social infrastructure in rural areas of Donetsk region; development optimization models of social infrastructure in rural areas of Donetsk region; development recommendations for regional policy in terms of social infrastructure. As a result of the research project it is planned to develop the economic directions of improvement rural housing using duration of necessary financial resources accumulation, taking into account existing mechanisms in countries with developed market relations and the necessity of subsidies from the state budget for the development of housing in rural areas was justified; using the methods of economic-mathematical modeling to develop economic and mathematical model of optimal spatial location of school network objects in rural settlements, the optimal criteria serves the minimum total expenditure on the school education organization and the limiting parameter in the model is time that a pupil spends to get from home to school, taking into account age and other factors; to identify and to justify new economic activities of social infrastructure in terms of recreation zone with status of family business, their operation will contribute to the construction of villages; priorities for further development of social infrastructure were determined; to develop a new model of rural development of Donetsk region; to predict the necessary scope of work to improve social infrastructure. In addition, the results of research project can be used as preparation for doctoral and master's theses, monographs, articles, textbooks and manuals.