Territorial features of formation regional competitiveness

«Territorial features of formation regional competitiveness»SR0114U005561, duration: 2015-2016, supervisor – prof. Liudmyla Niemets.

Research project of state budget funding

Within the projectelaboration of theoretical and practical basics of the complex research on regional competitiveness as a factor of sustainable regional socio-economic development. The research object is competitiveness of the social and geographical system at the regional level (illustrated by one of the Ukraine’s region). The research subject is human-geographical features of regional competitiveness formation The aim of the project is complex justification of regional competitiveness of the social and geographical system at the level of its administrative units. The research conducted on the example of regional social and geographical system. Issues of complex assessment of natural resource potential and human capital, problems of enhancing industry and agriculture competitiveness of the region are solved, provision effective optimal functioning of industrial and social infrastructure. The complex research of the regional socio-geographical system is aimed at justification opportunities of territory for optimal using own recourses and attraction investments at the level of administrative units. The measures on innovation development of the region as a social and geographical system and the main factor of enhancing its competitiveness and enhancing socio-economic state, infrastructure development will be proposed.  The practical value will have the proposed measures on improvement competitiveness of administrative districts of the regional socio-geographical system with the purpose of more effective attraction foreign investments in the economy of the region.