Pre-university entrants preparation

The Department of Human Geography and Regional studies provides preparatory courses on geography for entrants who will submit documents for entering the School of Geology and Geography next year. The center of pre-university education of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University leads this process. Teacher at these preparatory courses is Assistant Professors of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies Yurii Kandyba.

        Hearers of preparatory courses are pupils of Kharkiv secondary educational institutions and Kharkiv district principally. Lessons are held in the form of lectures and practical exercises according to the program for preparation to external independent testing in geography. Preparation is held under the program in geography approved by Ministry education and science of Ukraine. Preperation courses provides quality preparation on the subject "Geography" and psychological adaptation of the future entrants to the university.

         The beginning of classes is held in the Main building of the University, sq. Svobody, 4

Time of classes – on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

         Extra information by telephone number: (057) 707-52-70, (057) 707-55-26, e-mail: