Socio-Geographical Basics of Sustainable Regional Development

«Socio-Geographical Basics of Sustainable Regional Development», SR № 0108U006694, duration: 2008-2010 гг., supervisor – Prof. Liudmyla Niemets.

Research project without funding

In 2010-2011 academic year the staff of the department finished research project execution on “”, № of state registration 0108U006694, duration – 01.01.2008-31.12.2010, without funding. This socio-geographical study was aimed at searching ways of optimal development of regional socio-geographical process in modern market conditions under influence of globalization processes and Ukraine’s internal features. The main aim of the project was theoretical justification of socio-geographical features of region’s social development and determination ways of optimal development of regional socio-geographical system. The conducted research ended by identification features, factors, measures for elaboration a model of sustainable development: the management scheme of socio-geographical process at the regional level has proposed based on conceptual informational model. Executing the research project, 13 PhD theses were prepared, 3 monographs were published, 2 textbooks, and a great number of publications on the research topic according to the appropriate areas. Usage research results allowed contributing to solving such problems like optimization of the territorial organization of social sphere on the whole and separate its branches (healthcare, culture, housing, residence services, catering, recreational economy) that’s very important at the stage of the region transition on sustainable development.