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Students of the department visited the scientific-educational museum of sexual cultures of the world

On October 2, 2019 second and third year students of the department together with the curators Assistant Professor K. Sehida and Assistant Professor K. Kravchenko visited the only one museum in Ukraine dedicated to the history of sexual relations. Also student of Tallinn University Silver Vincent Sutt, who is studying at the department within the framework of the Erasmus + academic mobility program was involved in the event.

The Scientific and Educational Museum of Sexual Cultures of the World was established in 1999 by the staff of the Department of Sexology and Medical Psychology of Kharkiv Medical Academy. It is important for the formation of sexual culture.

Experienced guide Olga Lyubertseva surprisingly interestingly and informatively told about the sexual cultures of the peoples from Japan, India, America, China, Africa and Europe from the very beginning of their existence to the end of the XIX century; about relationships between men and women in different historical epochs and different ethnicities, how these relationships were developed and how they affected sex life, emphasized the most important moments of sexual culture and behavior.

We are very grateful to the management and staff of the Museum for facilitating the organization of events and educational work in the field of relations between men and women, promotion of ideas of tolerance and the formation of sexual culture!