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Student of the Department took part in the summer school

My name is Viacheslav Reshetnyak, I’m a 4th-year student, and I took part in the summer school of ChGSchool, from USMG❤️. This event forced me to revise my geographical worldview, as well as to find new acquaintances. My main goal was to find new acquaintances and rest from studying and life during the wartime period.

Of course, there were also elements of practice at this event. The mountain section of the practice was unusual and interesting, which seemed difficult, but turned out to be quite easy. During the mountain division, the students conquered 3 out of 6 two-thousanders. As a student who studies social geography, I was initially skeptical about such a section♂️, but after the first two-thousander (Gutin Tomnatyk), I changed my mind.

Thank you to the entire organization of the USMG✌️, all branches, and especially the Kharkiv one❤️, the organizers of ChGSchool⛰, and I look forward to the next event