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Lecturers of the department passed the scientific internship

On November 5 - December 8 2020, lecturers of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies, professor Kostiantyn Niemets and Assistant Professor Kateryna Kravchenko passed professional development at the University Colledge of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha-Beskidzka on the program: "Innovative educational technologies: European experience and its legal implementation in the preparation of experts with economics, hotel and restaurant business, tourism and public administration" in the volume of 6 credits, 180 hours online. During the scientific and pedagogical internship lecturers studied various specialties, innovations in tourism, hotel and restaurant business, remote work system of the university, issues of internationalization of higher education, they mastered the competencies of a modern lecturer, studied the legal framework in tourism, tourism management, considered regional policy issues in the EU and Poland. At the end of the internship lecturers received certificates.