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Lecturers of the department completed their internship at the University of Girona (Spain)

On July 11-22, 2022, the head of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies, Prof. Liudmyla NIEMETS and lecturers prof. Sergiy KOSTRIKOV, prof. Kateryna SEHIDA, Assist. Prof. Liudmyla KLIUCHKO took part in academic mobility under the Erasmus+ program in Girona, Spain. The internship took place at the Department of Geography of the University of Girona.

Within the visit, they took part in the institutional event together with the Vice-chancellor of the University of Girona, Dr. Josep Calbó Angrill, the head of the Department of Geography, Dr. Joan Vicente Rufi, the director of the Cultural Heritage Campus, Dr. Josep Vila Subiros, which took place within the framework of research relations between the Department of Geography of the University of Girona and the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (, During the institutional event, they discussed the specifics of cooperation, areas of support and further cooperation, opportunities to promote joint courses and work on double diplomas, defined a plan of activities and actions for the preparation of curricula, syllabi, joint courses, lectures and workshops.

During the internship, the lecturers of the department gave a number of lectures, held working meetings with the staff of the Department of Geography of the University of Girona, in particular with the head of the department dr. Joan VICENTE RUFI, researchers and lecturers. They discussed the peculiarities of the work of the Department of Geography, the directions of research and educational activities in view of the specifics of the inclusion of geography in humanitarian and socio-economic sciences, directions of cooperation between departments in the scientific and educational sphere, in particular, the prospects of cooperation under the Erasmus+ program, participation in joint research projects, writing joint articles in scientific publications indexed by the scientometric databases Scopus, Web of Science, etc.

A joint working meeting was held with representatives of the international office, in particular its head Raquel SOLA. The lecturers discussed the possibilities of further cooperation and preparation of a joint application for the next program period; identified positive practices of cooperation; discussed possibilities of expanding student exchanges, etc.

As part of the internships, the lecturers organized the study of the spatial organization of the Costa Brava region, the expedition to the Montserrat Natural Park, the bridge of Lloret de Mare, La Escala, which made it possible to identify positive practices of effective use of tourist potential, development of recreational infrastructure and transformations of public spaces.