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Defence of the qualification papers of masters in the specialty 014.07 Secondary Education (Geography)

On December 11, 2019 master students of full-time and part time forms of study in the specialty 014.07 Secondary Education (Geography) educational and professional program "Geography, Economics and Local Studies and Tourism Work" defended their qualification papers at the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies.

During the defense, graduate students shown that they have successfully mastered general and specialized disciplines, have a content and specific knowledge of the specialty. All the presented papers are dedicated to actual topics and executed at a high level. The students were brilliantly defended results of their research and confidently answered the questions of the members of the examination committee.

The defense of master's qualification papers demonstrated that graduates of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies can successfully work in the field of secondary education and related fields, in particular in general and special educational institutions, extracurricular educational institutions, higher educational institutions of I-II academic levels of accreditation, research institutions.

Congratulations to students who successfully defended their qualifications and received a master's degree from Karazin University!