Assistant Professor Iryna Scryl hold the open lecture

On November 10, 2022, the lecturer of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies, Iryna Skryl held an open lecture on the topic "Logistics of a travel agency" for 4th year bachelor sstudents of the full-time study at the Faculty of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism.

During the lecture, the conceptual principles of logistics in the activity of a tourism enterprise were covered. The main concepts, functional areas and principles of management of the logistics system of the travel agency were considered. During the lecture, considerable attention was paid to the logistics of customer service, as well as schemes for the promotion of a tourist product. The students' attention is focused on the main problems and challenges for the logistics of tourism enterprises in the conditions of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and ways to solve them.

Lecturers of the Faculty of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism were present at the lecture: prof. Liudmyla Niemets, assist. prof. Liudmyla Kliuchko, professor Kateryna Sehida, assist. prof. Ievgeniia Telebienieva, assist. prof. Yuriy Kandyba, assist. prof. Kateryna Kravchenko, assist. prof. Svitlana Reshetchenko, assist. prof. Borys Shulika, assist. prof. Pavlo Kobylin, assist. prof. Kateryna Borysenko, who gave a positive assessment and noted the lecturer's mastery of the educational material and the student audience, the high professional level of teaching lecture material, the ability to interest the audience and maintain constant contact with students, the complete coverage of the topic. The lecture was delivered at the high scientific and methodical level and fully meets the contemporary requirements of higher education.