Our graduates

Shukanov Pavlo is a graduate of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies in 1993.

Works as assistant professor of tourism and hospitality industry Poltava University of Economics and Trade. PhD thesis on the effects of ethnogeographical factors in today's global and regional territorial-political processes defended in 2008. After a doctor's degree at the Department of Social and Economic Geography and Area Kharkiv National University VN Karazin in 2014 defended his doctoral dissertation on "Socio-geographical features of a global cultural space" (scientific consultant - doctor. Geography. N., Prof. KA Nyemets) specialty 11.00.02 - economic and social geography.

He is the author and co-author of seven books and over 80 scientific and methodical publications. Main directions of scientific and educational activities: sacred geography, political geography, geopolitics and geo-economics, global studies, FAQs and strategies for sustainable development in the context of planetary control study of the characteristics of socio-geographic transformation and the formation of a global civilization.

"After graduating with honors from Kharkov State University was qualified geographer, teacher of geography, specialization - economic and social geography. During training at the university realized my dream to become a specialist in geography and realize their potential in teaching activities. This is due to many of the department who taught us not only to formal perception of information, and the creative rethinking of diverse knowledge obtained. Especially important role in my development as a geographer and scientist played by mentors such as D.Sc., prof. A.P. Golikov, D.Sc., prof. K.A. Nyemets and PhD Assoc. professoe Y.P. Gritsak. Due to the fundamental university education and the support staff of the department I was able to successful professional activity and harmonious development of personality. "

Chernomaz Pavel is a graduate of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies in 1996.

Works as head of a promising sector in the state enterprise "Kharkiv Regional Scientific and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification". Associate Professor of International Economic Relations of Kharkiv National University VN Karazin (part time), candidate of geographical sciences. Author and co-author of 140 scientific and methodical works, including four books, including - "Cross-border Ukrainian-Russian cooperation: the forms, methods and perspectives" (2010), "Ukrainian-Russian cross-border cooperation: Current State and Prospects" (2013 ) and seven textbooks in particular - "World Economy and International Economic Relations" (2003), "International economic terms" (2007), "Economy of foreign countries" (2008), "Regional Economics" (2009), "International Marketing "(2010). Co-author of the concept of Euroregion "Sloboda".

"In Kharkiv University I studied at the Faculty of Geology and Geography, received the profession of social and economic geography. I think that studying at the university helped me not only to master the basic knowledge of the profession, but also, very importantly, fostered the habit of continuous self-education and self-improvement. I am very grateful for this A.P. Golikov, P.V. Kovalev, I.G. Chervanovu, J.P. Hrytsak, A.P. Kovalev, S.O. Yurchenko and many other of my teachers who helped my personal development. In recent years I began to engage in scientific activities, after obtaining a diploma with honors went to university graduate school, which gave me the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, conduct research and led by Professor, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, AP Golikova protect the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University PhD thesis on new scientific direction - marketing geography. I can confidently state that the knowledge and skills of the system that were obtained during the study as undergraduate and graduate students in the university helped me further professional development".

Tkachenko Elena is a graduate of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies in 2002.

Works in the secretariat of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as a senior consultant. "Education universyteti Kharkiv National Karazin gives neotsinenni knowledge allows us to develop their analytical, leadership and team quality. For me personally obtained knowledge and skills allowed at once without interference, after the termination of studies in universyteti, get on probation and later i the civil service to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The knowledge obtained at the department of social and economic geography and regional studies in the college years, and during training in post graduate courses and zdobuti after getting the second higher education (for legal direction) give the understanding of many processes which HELD and continuing in the political and socio-economic life our country give make a significant contribution to the legislative process of the country. The university - is not only lectures, practical classes and seminarski but also new friends, relationship which remains for years after graduation. "

Sergey Zevyakin is a graduate of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies in 2013.

He works in the Velykoburluksky district court as a senior consultant.








Chaban Marina is a graduate of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies in 2013.

She works in the tourist company TezTour (Antalya, Turkey) as a tourism manager.