Еmployment of Students

Who does socio-economic geographer  work?

  1. An economist-demographer, economist-statist;
  2. An expert on foreign economic issues;
  3. An economist on location of the productive forces;
  4. An expert on worldwide economy;
  5. An expert on regional policy and economy issues;
  6. An expert on regional studies;
  7. A state inspector;
  8. A manager of international tourism;
  9. A manager and marketing specialist on enterprises management;
  10. A teacher of school, college and lecturer of university, academy;
  11. A consultant on territories planning and management;
  12. A director of a firm, an enterprise, an organization.


Where does socio-economic geographer  work?

  1. Tourist firms and companies;
  2. Research institutes which engaged in ecology, economy and social policy issues;
  3. Governments at all levels (district, regional and city administrations, committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  4. Banking and commercial institutions;
  5. Enterprises of all economy’s branches;
  6. Employment centers, funds of pension and social insurance, departments of Statistics;
  7. Schools, colleges, lyceum, technical schools, universities.


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