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The Department of Socio-Economic Geography and Regional Studies sincerely congratulates the first-year students on entering the university and wishes for inspiration and inspiration in the educational and scientific activities!

This year, talented and energetic freshmen from different corners of Ukraine joined the students of the department of socio-economic geography and regional studies. Their interests cover not only scientific activities, but also sports competitions, various singing trends, hand-made and more.

From the first day on the department the first-year students with a head plunged into an interesting student's life and not only attended classes, but also took part in the dedication of freshmen, the release of wall papers of the department, meetings with teachers, got acquainted with the scientific, methodological and organizational work at the department.




To the attention of entrants!

Bachelor's degree programs

"Geography of Recreation and Tourism" and "Geography"

in the Major "Geography"


The Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies of the Faculty of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University announces a set of educational programs:

– "Geography", "Geography of Recreation and Tourism" for the Bachelor's educational level;

– "Human Geography", "Geography of Recreation and Tourism" for the Master's educational level.


The list of competitive subjects:

-      Foreign Language or Geography

-      History of Ukraine

-      Ukrainian language and literature


Contact Information

Adress: Square Svobody, 4, room. 3-62, Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies

tel.: +38 (057) 707-52-74

е-mail: soc-econom-region@karazin.ua


Congratulations to the staff of the department on the beginning of the academic year!