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International Scientific and Practical Conference «Region-2017: Optimal Development Strategy»

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Faculty of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism

Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies


Call for papers

International Scientific and Practical Conference

 «Region-2017: Optimal Development Strategy»


The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukrainian Geographical Society, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, the University of Girona (Spain), the University of Oradea (Romania), Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University (Belarus), Kharkiv region station of young tourists will organize on September 19–20, 2017 the scientific and practical conference with international participation  «Region-2017: Optimal Development Strategy» with the purpose to integrate efforts of scientists, research and teaching staff, civil organizations to solve modern issues of the science development in the field of regional social and economic development, environmental protection, searching ways of training for the regional optimal development.


Conference sections:


  1. Theory and methodology of regional research.
  2. Interdisciplinary approach in developing an optimal regional development strategy.
  3. Social and economic development of regions.
  4. Natural resource potential and regional ecological policy.
  5. Education for the optimal development.


Deadline for submitting the articles is September 01, 2017.

Participants should submit:

  • Application form (in electronic version) is submitted on each participant and should contain the following information:
    1. First and last names.
    2. Position, academic degree, academic title.
    3. Institution (university, faculty, department; research institute etc.), its postal
    4. Country, city.
    5. Postal address (for sending a collection, if you are a correspondent participant), contact telephone, fax, e-mail.
    6. Conference section.
    7. Name of the report.
    8. Ifany presentationequipment is needed.
    9. Formof participation(full-time or correspondence participation).
    10. Advance booking for accommodation.

The name of the file – last name of the author (e.g. Petrenko_zayavka.doc).


  • Article should be sent by e-mail with confirmation of receiving by the organizational committee. The file format is *.doc. The name of the file – last name of the author (e.g. doc).

Requirements for the papers:

  • Maximum 4 pages;
  • Microsoft Office Word;
  • Page A4, portrait orientation;
  • Margins 2 cm;
  • Times New Roman, 14 pt;
  • Line spacing 1.5;
  • Paragraph indention 1 cm.


The article should include: in the upper left corner goes an univeral decimal classification number; below (the next line) the title of the report in capital letters in bold type, centered; through the line – first and last name of the author (-s) in a bold italic type, centered; on the next line – e-mail of author (-s), italic type, centered. On the next line – the full name of the institution, italic type. Through the line from an indent the text of the paper is placed. References are given in square brackets. Under the text (through the line) the list of references in italic type, 12 pt is given.

Don’t put difficult graphic material and big tables in the text.

The articles are accepted if they correspond to subjects of the conference. Authors are responsible for the content of their articles.

Materials of the conference will be published by the beginning of the conference.


Application forms and materials should be sent to the following e-mail:


After confirmation about acceptance of the conference materials by the organizational committee it is necessary to pay the register fee (20 USD) that could be sent by electronic transfer (in the systems Money Gram, Western Union, by swift-transfer in USD or EUR) to Yuriy Kandyba, Ukraine.

The register fee includes conference operational costs and publication of the conference materials.

Invitation, plan and program of the conference will be sent later according to filed applications. If you apply for travel or other grants in order to visit the conference, we can prepare the invitation letter in advance, before sending materials; in this case indicate your first name, last name, your position, academic degree, academic title, the conference section, the title of your report.

The participants of the conference are accommodated in hostels of Kharkiv. Accommodation, meal and excursions are paid by the participants of the conference.

For further information do not hesitate to contact:

+38-050-643-31-44 – Yuriy Kandyba;

+38 (057) 707-52-74 – The Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies




Format of the article


Univeral decimal classification number (UDC)                                                                                                                      


 S. Kovalenko

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University                                                                                


The text of the paper


References: 1. Сільське господарство Харківської області (статистичний збірник) / [відп. за вип. Г.А. Хлудєєва]. – Х.: Головне управління статистики у Харківській області, 2016. – 159 с.  2. Соціально-економічне становище Харківської області за 2016 рік (повідомлення для засобів масової інформації) / [відп. за вип. М.О. Григорчук]. – Х.: Головне управління статистики у Харківській області, 2015. – 17 с.  3. Харківська область у 2016 році (статистичний щорічник) / [за ред. О.С. Никифорова]. – Х.: Головне управління статистики у Харківській області, 2015. – 655 c.


Call for papers International Scientific and Practical Conference  «Region-2017: Optimal Development Strategy»